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Boynton Beach Florida Teeth Whitening
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West Boynton Dentistry’sBoynton Beach Florida Teeth Whitening

Whiten your smile today with Dr. Gary Kaufman and Dr. Andrew Goldring at our Boynton Beach, Florida office.

Everybody loves a bright white smile!  The first thing that you notice when you meet someone new is their smile, so of course you want to make your first impression a great one with dazzling white teeth.  In the world of dentistry the most popular procedures always have to do with whitening and brightening, and at our Boynton Beach, Florida location we specialize in just that. 

At Kaufman & Goldring Family & Cosmetic Dentistry we have two whitening programs you can choose from depending on your individual needs.  If you want to faster results, or are just pressed form time, you can choose our in-office whitening.  By using lasers to activate a whitening gel we can take years of bad habits off of your smile without taking weeks to do so.

If you are on a stricter budget or simply want the results to look more gradual and therefore unnoticed by those you see every day, we recommend you use our out of office take home method.  We custom shape trays to fit your teeth and in a couple of days they are ready to be picked up.  At the comfort of your own home you will apply the special bleaching material to the trays. The whitening gel trays should be worn 30-60 minutes up to twice a day, and the end results will take your breath away!

Discover for yourself the difference our tooth whitening service in Boynton Beach can make in brightening up your smile.

Thank you for visiting WestBoyntonDentistry.com. Our office is conveniently located in Boynton Beach, right in the heart of South Florida. Please feel free to contact us at (561) 732-6638 to make an appointment to see Dr. Kaufman or Dr. Goldringor to request more information about our Boynton Beach tooth whitening services.


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